Handrill Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary company under the Handal Group, was incorporated on 11 January 2008 under the Companies Act 1965 in Malaysia, to focusing on the business in the upstream oil and gas related activities especially in drilling, workover and drilling management.
The active involvement of Handrill in O&G begins in 2011 with registered license by Petronas, Handrill undertook a new business of fabrication of drilling rig, which is lightweight type and can be a modular, ideal for shallow and medium depth oil field exploration and extraction for offshore and onshore.
Our first rig “Handal 1” which is being assembled at our Telok Kalong in 2013. The strength keys of this type of rig are the top drive, iron roughneck, and side track drilling capabilities of up to 12,000 feet. It is ideal for marginal oil field exploration and extraction due to their cost-effectiveness and deployment versatility.

Corporate Profile

Handrill Corporate Profile