Whether it’s in-situ crane midlife upgrades, complete onshore overhaul, or mandatory annual inspections, HANDAL will strive to bring antiquated, obsolete, and outdated equipment up to current day’s highest standards of performance and operation. This is not only a minimized downtime issue, It’s also an issue of safety. Specifically today’s safety equipment and generally today’s hydraulic components are bulit to stricter performance and reliability specifications.

Quality Assurance, HANDAL si committed to bringing the client a high quality product and service by placing the emphasis on error prevention while ensuring that we have a consistent detection program in place. Our quality system is intended to ensure that the client receives a product/service that is designed, manufactured and serviced in accordance with the customer, industry and our own strictest quality requirements. The requirements for the quality include :

  • API Specification Q1
  • API Specification 2C

HANDAL Safety Manual full edition can be viewed by request. Our policy statement in part: “It is the goal of Management that no one should suffer an injury or illness as a result of an accident. It is our policy to conduct all operations in a manner which:

  • Promotes Safety and avoids undue risk to our employees, customers, contractors, neighbors and the environment.
  • Is in compliance with all safety and environmental laws and regulations applicable to any location in which the company conducts operations.