The history of our Group dates back to 1988 when Handal Engineering Sdn Bhd (HESB) was established by Dato‘ Mohsin Abdul Halim to operate as an agent, to supply certain makes of offshore cranes manufactured overseas. As some of the oil platforms and equipments begun to age in the local oil and gas industry, HESB was contracted in 1995 by ExxonMobil to remove and recondition cranes which had degenerated or had been reduced to less than half its optimal capacity along with deteriorating safety standards. Prior to 1995, none of the local companies in Malaysia had performed or provided such services to the local oil and gas industry.

While successfully reconditioning multiple offshore cranes for ExxonMobil, HESB had simultaneously set out to establish themselves as a local manufacturer of offshore pedestal cranes. In an effort to modernise their existing fleet of cranes and to maintain and improve their operating and lifting capacity, PETRONAS Carigali had in year 2000 awarded HESB a service contract similar to that awarded by ExxonMobil.

In line with PETRONAS’ aspiration to develop “locally grown” companies in the oil and gas industry, HESB was restructured in 2001 via the injection of all our pedestal crane assets and personnel into Handal Offshore Services Sdn Bhd (HOSSB).

Ever since its establishment, HOSSB has been an integrated offshore crane manufacturing and servicing company that specializes in offshore pedestal mounted cranes. Operating out of Kemaman Supply Base and Telok Kalong Industrial Area in Kemaman, Terengganu, HOSSB’s comprehensive range of services include design and fabrication of new API 2C pedestal cranes, structural fabrication, operation, inspection, maintenance and repair programmes for all makes of cranes. HOSSB also provides in-situ upgrades, statistical analysis and structural modifications as well as lifting solutions for workover projects and crane rental services.

Being the only operator in the country which can provide a truly one-stop service for API 2C cranes, HOSSB is an approved API 2C fabricator and is very much sought after by the oil majors, which operate the numerous offshore platforms in Malaysia in relation to upstream oil and gas activities such as exploration, development and production.

With the aim of widening and diversifying the business activities of Handal Resources Berhad (HRB) on 1 November 2010 HRB acquired HESB and Handrill Sdn Bhd.

Following this acquisition, the Group is now involved in the downstream and upstream oil and gas industry via its subsidiary, HESB. The company is involved in the servicing, supply and fabrication of industrial plant and equipment, tank system, piping and mooring system, as well as providing consultancy and support services for engineering projects. HESB is also gearing for topside maintenance jobs, having acquired the license from Petronas for such services.

Meanwhile Handrill Sdn Bhd, a company registered with and licensed by Petronas as Rig Operator, Production / Drilling / Workover Associated Services for drilling rigs, offshore rigs and tender assisted, is mainly involved in the upstream oil and gas industry.

Since the commencement of its operations, Handal has been scaling new heights as the Group grew from strength to strength. The momentous achievement of Handal was the Company’s successful listing where it made an impressive debut with an over-subscription rate of 15.17 times and chalking up an impressive premium of 61.11% over its initial public offer price. The listing augurs well for the future of Handal as it continues its quest to reach Greater Heights.